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Time Away

I’ve been waiting a long time to get away. I’ve needed a holiday for a while now and the time has finally come! We’ve come to (hopefully) sunny Dorset with the in-laws. We are staying in a beautiful house in Portland which overlooks the harbour. We’ve never stayed this close to the sea before and… Continue reading Time Away

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"Things No-one Tells You About Parenthood"

New parents, mums in particular, always go on about “the things no one tells you about parenthood/having a baby/etc”. I’ve read all of these and have found that there’s one thing missed off every list. Although it does mention how lonely motherhood is and this is very much true, what it doesn’t mention is that… Continue reading "Things No-one Tells You About Parenthood"

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Mummy Post: Sensory Bottles

As my little boy is growing up I’m trying to think of more and more things that I can do with him and things that I can make for him to play with that are a bit different (and cheaper!) than all the toys on the shelves in supermarkets and toy shops.I saw a post… Continue reading Mummy Post: Sensory Bottles